Self Defense for Women – Top 3 Rules

Women and Self Defense

The AAA of Self Defense. No, it’s not just the acronym for an organization that fixes tires and helps you plan your vacations. It stands for Awareness, Attitude and Action. People who want to be self-reliant about defending themselves against attackers in today’s world must achieve a balance of all three.

Awareness of Your Surroundings

Many women accept the idea that bad things can’t happen to them in broad daylight and in open areas like parking lots, especially in our own neighborhoods. Too many women have learned the hard way how wrong that is. Self-defense includes being vigilant in surveying your surroundings and maintaining an awareness of what is right and wrong with a given situation. Pay attention to what is going on in that parking lot rather than just making a beeline for your car. Keep your head up and eyes moving and don’t be engaged on the cell phone. Pay attention! Are you being followed or is someone lurking around the general area?

womens self defense womens self defense

Attitude and Action

Are you mentally prepared to respond to a life-threatening situation or will you freeze? Your brain is your single most effective weapon when it comes to self-defense. Learn how to use it in order to keep yourself safe. That means watching for any possible opening if you are in a dangerous situation. It means knowing when to fight and when to run. It means a commitment to using physical force if it is necessary to protect yourself or your children.

While most men have no difficulty with this last concept, many women must be trained to accept the idea that they can use physical force if their safety is threatened. Women have been conditioned to believe that “nice girls” don’t fight, but rest assured that muggers, carjackers and rapists don’t care if you are a nice girl.

Some women fear that self-defense training is to brutal or too difficult and they would rather spend their free time in another type of class. But consider this: What if training will help you develop strength, agility, fitness and the ability to protect yourself.

What Is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a modern, practical and proven system of self-defense, carefully conceived for today’s volatile world. It is characterized by a logical and coherent approach to self-defense and fighting confrontations that enables one to achieve a relatively high-level of proficiency within a short period of instruction. Krav Maga was meticulously developed to be diversified, and thus is applicable to the military, law-enforcement agencies, and civilians alike. The system has consistently earned the praise of experienced fighters, martial arts experts and military and police officers for its highly practical applications, but it also appeals to beginners because of its simple, no nonsense and realistic approach to personal safety. In fact, Krav Maga is an ideal self-defense method for men, women and people of all ages and abilities. To get started on your Free Krav Maga self-defense class, click here.

Author: CrossFire Sensei

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