Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, What is it?

Mixed martial arts are an exciting and highly popular full body combat sport that is given a lot of recognition among fighters today. Starting to learn mixed martial arts is not easy, but once excelled in, these moves can be used to defeat any opponent within minutes. Since it is a free hand and leg movement, full body combat sport that allows a large variety of free body engagements, when one starts to learn mixed martial arts, it must be done under a highly qualified trainer. One wrong move can do a great deal of injury.


In fact, a lot of controversy has aroused in relation to whether or not children must be allowed to learn mixed martial arts. Some of these arguers point out that children should be taught self defense and physical endurance at a young age and opponents of this view state that allowing children to learn mixed martial arts will increase physical violence among younger generations and put physically weaker children at risk. Doctors show that the impact of physical injury due to mixed martial arts is far more when the fighter is younger. Researches have shown that the age 16 is the best time to start mixed martial arts. However, the choice of whether to or whether not to facilitate a child to learn mixed martial arts is a personal choice. Parents must weigh the pros and cons of allowing children into combat sports and decide what is most suitable for their child according to the best interest of the child himself.


The styles in which one learn mixed martial arts has evolved a great deal from the Greco-Roman Pankration period (the first form of mixed martial arts that were popular in Greek Colosseums). For one, mixed martial arts come with a series of rules attached to them nowadays. No fighter can break these conditions to win a game. Some of the rules include avoiding biting, striking at the groin or manipulating small joints of the opponents. Wearing safety gear such as mouth pieces and leg protectors have also become a must. Thus mixed martial arts are not ‘barbaric’ like some may perceive it, but a fighting style that allows the participant to win through discipline.


Before you start…

to learn mixed martial arts, it is very important to increase your physical stamina. Working-out regularly and getting your muscles toned up is a must. Taking steroids will not help at any given point; however, if you need vitamins, you may take them with the advice of a doctor, before you start to learn mixed martial arts. After you start our training sessions, eating healthy and maintaining a suitable fitness level is crucial.

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