Weekly 411

This week in the Krav Maga Self-Defense Classes!

12/10/2018 – 12/15/2018


Level 1:

  • Stance and MovementHigh Forward Roll
  • Straight Punches
  • Palm Heel Strikes
  • Hammerfist Strikes
  • Knee Strikes
  • Elbow Strikes
  • Defense vs Choke from Front with Push
  • Defense vs Choke from Behind with Push
  • Defense vs Headlock from the Side

Level 2:

  • Inside Defenses with Counters
  • Defensive Front Kick
  • Front Kicks with Advance
  • Round Kicks with Front Leg and with a Switch
  • Kicking Combinations
  • Defenses vs Low Round Kicks
  • Defense vs Front Kicks
  • Defense vs Choke from Behind with a Pull

Level 3:

  • Spinning Defensive Back Kick
  • Defenses vs Hair Grabs
  • Defenses vs Hair Grabs with Impending Knee Strike
  • Forward Roll
  • Forward Roll with a Back Fall Break
  • Arm Drag
  • High Fall Breaks


In honor of the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga will be closed from Saturday December 22nd, 2018  to Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019!  Sensei Julie and the whole CFCKM team wish you the happiest of holidays!


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