Krav Maga

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Krav Maga is one of the fastest, most effective forms of self-defense in the world. It is a flexible fighting system based on natural and instinctive movements for better understanding and retention. Originally created by Israeli Army veteran Imi Lichtenfeld for use in practical situations on the front-lines and the back-alleys. It is built to be learned quickly and efficiently.

Krav Maga (pronounced Krahv Ma-gah) means “Contact Combat” in Hebrew. It focuses on hand-to-hand combat, but also teaches students how to defend against armed assaults. By teaching appropriate force for any given situation, this fighting system teaches students to survive by whatever means necessary.


“Get in the best shape of your life while learning the most effective self-defense technique in the world.”

-David Barton Gyms, Renown fitness expert and owner

What Will I Learn?

In Level 1, you will learn basic fighting and striking skills such as punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, and other strikes.  You will also learn what to do if someone chokes you, grabs you or tries to take you to the ground. In other levels you will learn how to defend against gun and knife attacks, as well as advanced ground fighting and other survival techniques.

Click the PDF image below to download all techniques covered in Level 1.

Krav Maga Level 1 Curriculum PDF