Women’s Self-Defense Seminar – January 20th, 2018

Self Defense Class For Women

CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga is hosting a series of women’s self-defense seminars.  CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga teaches adults, kids, and law enforcement professionals how to better defend themselves from potential attackers. The Women’s Self Defense workshop will focus on skills specifically for women and young ladies.

Our Women’s self-defense courses fulfill all the main principles of Krav Maga but are tailored to fit the specific needs and attributes of women. Encouraging perseverance and focus is one of the key goals of our program, rather than unnecessary violence. With this workshop on January 20th created specifically around individuals new to Krav Maga, there has never been a better time for you to kick start learning valuable self-defense techniques.

The main theme of the first  workshop will be self-defense. However, the course will center on real life situations women may find themselves in such as how to deal with school violence as well as understanding how to deal with a chokes and grabs from behind and hair pulls..  The expert instructors CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga are Krav Maga and NASM and Law Enforcement Certified and are trained to understand how self-defense, mentality, and fitness go hand-in-hand. Participants will come away with the understanding that where and how much force is necessary for different circumstances.

The workshop will be held at 1261 N. Lakeview Ave. Ste F, Anaheim, CA 92807 and is open to any woman age 12 and up. The cost is $25.00, begins at 1:00pm and will end at 3:00pm. The course will be taught Sensei Julie Cameron, owner of CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga and Sensei Luis Arce. Sign up is available through www. Crossfirecrosstrain.com or you may simply come in to the workshop that day.

How to Sign Up…. 

Visit our Get Started link and choose Class Times. Look in the calendar under the Saturday you are interested in and select the 1:00 pm class – Women’s Self Defense Seminar.  Click on the Blue New Here? button on the bottom to reserve your place in the seminar.  We’ll see you soon in class! Please bring water and a towel and wear comfortable clothes.

Author: CFCTDelta34

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