Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Five Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating


The holiday season is a time to enjoy yourself and your family. It’s a time filled with celebration and abundance. It’s also a time that presents challenges to those of us trying to maintain our healthy habits. Did you know, the average American will put on between 2 and 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, but will only lose half of the pounds they put on? Those pounds really add up over the years. Here are 5 practical tips so you can enjoy the holidays without putting on those extra holiday pounds. Have fun during the holidays, join all the parties and festivities, without losing sight of your ultimate goal for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.


1 – Have a Plan

If you want to be sure your healthy habits continue during the holiday season, you need to recognize potential problem areas and come up with a plan to deal with them. Don’t focus on every bit of food you chose to eat. Rather, focus on one or two main issues, like keeping your workout schedule, avoiding certain types of food, and watching your portion amounts.  Whatever your weakness is, you need to recognize it. Make a plan and stick to it.


2 – Keep Up Your Regular Eating and Exercising Schedule

Yes, the holiday season is an extremely busy one. However, you will feel better and be more successful at keeping your pre-holiday weight if you maintain your regular eating and exercising schedule. Don’t skip out on breakfast or lunch to eat more at the holiday party. Doing so may actually cause you to eat more. Don’t skip your workout because you don’t have time. Make a plan and make that workout happen! If you’re going to eat at a party, eat something well-balanced for breakfast, lunch and eat a high fiber snack like a handful of veggies right before the party.

Additionally, don’t use the old excuse of eating without restraint during the holidays because you’re going to start your diet right after the New Year. You’ll feel better if you stick to your regular eating and exercising regime and start the year off on a level playing field.


3 – Choose Practically and Wisely

It’s important to look over what’s being offered before you start putting food on the plate. Take a tour at the buffet to decide what food you’d like to have the most. You may want to try everything on the buffet line, but do you need to? Remember your plan. Was there a type of food you chose to pass over? Be sure you pick the foods you really want. Choose things that are a treat at this time of year and stick to your plan.

Another strategy is to sit or converse in an area away from the buffet and drinks area. This will keep you from mindless munching and drinking. Be watchful of the drinks you consume. Holiday drinks are packed with calories and they add up quickly. Consider that one drink may equal that piece of pumpkin pie and whip cream in calories.


4 – Keep Those Portions Small

When we’re hungry, our eyes are often bigger than our stomach. If you have a large plate, you’ll probably fill it. Since the holidays offer an array of tempting foods, this can really bring up your calorie count. Opt for a small plate (a small salad plate, for example) to control how much food gets onto your plate. Remember not to pile food on your plate. No heaping food onother food.


5 – Now is Not the Time to “Diet”

The worst time of year to begin a diet is at the holidays. Rather, think of keeping your regular eating habits and workout schedule. After all, you’re faced with lots of tempting foods! Enjoy a guilt-free holiday by coming up with a plan at the very beginning of the season and stick with it.

Author: CrossFire Sensei

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