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Krav Maga is Back at MAI

Krav Maga is back at Martial Arts International! Come work with Sensei Julie Cameron. Learn easy, effective self-defense to the most common threats and attacks. Anyone can come and learn! Many people take Krav Maga for self-defense, but it’s also a great workout. It’s a simple self-defense system that focuses on everyday movements, lightning-fast techniques and real-life scenarios.

Are you new to Krav Maga or were you in the 6-week introductory course? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter.  Students of every level, 16 years and older, are welcome to join our classes. Not only will students learn self-defense techniques, but they’ll also feel the intense burn of scorching fat and toning muscle. Our Krav Maga classes always practice self-defense techniques and will use heavy bags, weights, plyometric training and many other cardiovascular and sports-conditioning methods.

What can you expect from the course that is different from the introductory course? The combatives will be more intensive and you will work the self-defenses more often. The curriculum is designed by Krav Maga Worldwide to introduce new topics monthly and review old material weekly so that students have enough time to absorb the training. Our goal is to make your self-defenses instinctive and your combatives fierce.

What do you need to start?  Please wear tennis shoes, loose comfortable clothing, and bring water and a towel. We would like you to wear tennis shoes that you do not wear outside.  This will help keep the training mat clean for all students. Hand protection is necessary. You may bring your own wrap gloves or you may purchase hand wraps from us. Finally, class tee-shirts will be required for class. You may purchase them when you arrive.

Classes are held at Martial Arts International on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:45pm to 7:45pm, beginning the week of September 5th. Classes are $69.00 monthly for one time a week and $99 monthly for two times a week.

So dig those gloves out of the closet, ramp up your “Can Do” attitude and come get your Krav on with us. We’ll see you in class soon!


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Author: CrossFire Sensei

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