When Did You Last Shock Your Body?

You walk into the gym to do a workout. What will you do today? Work strength training with the weights or spend another boring half-hour on the stair stepper?  You look at the gym calendar for a good class: strength training or cardio? The traditional idea of gym training is that we must train for one or the other: strength or cardio. But what is strength without the stamina to use it? Or stamina without the strength to back it up? This is where Fusion Training comes in.


Fusion Training involves taking two or more types of training and combining them into a single workout. By working different muscle groups and different types of training at the same time, you’ll get the most out of every workout. By changing routines neither you nor your body will get bored. One of the things that makes working out at the gym so difficult is often how boring and repetitive we find it. By changing up what you’re doing and what challenges your body is facing, it defeats boredom. These Fusion workouts also challenge your muscles in different ways, which can combat the issue of muscle dominance. If you keep working the same muscle groups, the muscles you’ve made strong can overtake and weaken the muscles you don’t work. When you change your workout and combine different disciplines, you can work all your muscles for a healthy, whole approach to fitness.


Fusion Training doesn’t always have to be strength and cardio. Although we often group workouts into one or the other, more styles exist: including plyometric, stamina, agility, and many more. Certain gyms provide Fusion classes that cross yoga and core conditioning or Pilates and dance. At CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga’s CrossFire Cardio Class, every class combines various fusion workouts with a focus on working the whole body and challenging the mind. Each of the classes listed below represent the fusion classes at CFCKM.


Cardio CrossTraining – Focuses on intervals and cross-platform training. By combining cardio, resistance and plyometric training, moving between intervals leads to a whole body workout. Circuit Saturday classes on Saturdays always keep the classes fresh and new, by using different equipment as you move through the circuit. CrossFire Cardio Class also has Bootcamp, which also involves interval training, but uses your body weight instead of equipment to produce the desired results.


Tabatacise – Combines high-intensity kickboxing, resistance and interval training to produce a challenging workout. By shadow kickboxing (in which you kickbox against the air) you up your heart rate for a longer time, and the changing combos keeps your brain function up, giving you a complete workout for your mind and body.


Bags “n” Abs – Is high-intensity cardio training against a heavy bag fused with core training.  By varying the intensity levels in class with high-intensity and low-intensity work your body will burn fat more consistently.  And who doesn’t love to hit a bag?


Rips “n” Ropes – Rips deals mainly with barbells and strength training to firm and tone muscles. Not only does it include squats, bicep curls and lunges, it combines aerobic and plyometric training by using the heavy ropes and jump ropes. This Fusion class also includes using jump ropes, which aids in cardiovascular workouts. Rips “n” Ropes is the pinnacle in combining strength and cardio in a single, fun workout.


MMA Fusion – Focuses on using various martial arts techniques from different disciplines in order to work both strength and cardio. Endurance and cardio is worked through MMA training with specific martial arts techniques in mind. Core training is added for strength and stability. Unlike many Fusion classes that deal with martial arts, CrossFire Cardio classes will teach you how to defend yourself as well. The techniques taught in class are quite capable of helping you defend yourself, even though the class remains a cardio class rather than a self-defense class.


At CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga, the CrossFire Cardio Classes are focused on Fusion Training. Each class focuses on at least two types of training, with many classes – including the weekly Saturday Circuit – combining three or four. These often include cardio, strength, plyometric, resistance and stability. Each class is also taught with proper body mechanics in mind.  Come to CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga today for your Fusion workout and see how fun working out can be.

Author: CrossFire Sensei

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