Defense Against Weapons – Handgun Defense

Saturday, March 28th, 2020 – Handgun Defense

While most common street attacks are committed with the use of bare-hands only, weapons are still a threat in cases of muggings and other dangerous situations. Dealing with weapons introduces another element to the fight, both physically and psychologically. CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga’s seminar about defense against weapons addresses both of these concerns.

Hand Gun Defense SeminarThe defense against weapons seminar will teach you how to defend against common attacks made with weapons. Each seminar will focus on one particular weapon, including sticks, knives or guns. The seminar will teach you how to defend against each weapon, disarm them, and get away safely. The seminar will also cover how to deal with the initial fear of seeing a weapon and how to use the body’s natural reactions to fear to your advantage.

This seminar is open to anyone age 16 and older. All CrossFire seminars focus on physical practice and stress drills. These drills are designed to let you practice the techniques learned in the seminar in order to train your body to instinctively use the movements. Our seminars are designed to help you feel confident that you can do everything you’ve learned.

What to Bring and Wear

  • Loose, comfortable clothing suitable for a workout
  • Water and towel
  • Tennis shoes

To learn more about the Defense Against Weapons Seminar, or any of the additional self-defense courses offered by CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga, interested individuals are invited to give us a call at (951) 203-2321.

Date and Cost

Date: Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Location: 1261 N. Lakeview Ave. Ste F Anaheim, CA 92807

Cost: $100.00 $25.00 Special Online Offer


How to Sign Up

  • Visit our Class Times page.
  • Look in the calendar under the date of the seminar.
  • Select the green class at the seminar’s time. It will be labeled Defense Against Weapons.
  • Log In if you are a member, or fill in the Sign Up Now form below and follow the steps to reserve your place.

Please bring water and a towel, and wear comfortable clothing.

Questions? Please call us at (951) 203-2321.