CrossFire Cardio

CrossFire Cardio is a high-energy cross-training class that combines aerobic kickboxing with weight resistance, stabilization and core-training for a total body workout. You’ll utilize the same type of workout as in the cross-training workout, but in a group class setting.


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Our certified instructors combine interval training and muscle confusion training to give you a workout that will exercise your mind and body. All classes are designed to work at your specific fitness needs and levels.  Personal attention from the instructors gives you the information you need to modify each workout so you progress at every session. CrossFire Cardio works overall fitness and health, and includes nutritional information.

“Come for the fun, go home fit.”


All classes are an hour long and include a warm-up stretch, a cardio session, and at least one other functional workout. Classes end with a cool-down stretch to help your body adjust to the rest of your day. Classes can include core-training, bag training, mitt training, glide training, resistance training, plyometric training, P90X Body Weight Training, and other modalities. Each class is different and set to high-energy music to help keep you motivated. Classes are both indoors and outdoors, giving you the breath of fresh air you need.

The instructors are certified by NASM, Krav Maga World Wide and ACE. With their experience, they can help you set benchmarks, so that you can see your progress toward your end goals.

So come give us a try and we’ll put you in the best shape of your life.