Combat Conditioning

The Program

The Combat Conditioning curriculum is a systematic program designed to enhance your Krav Maga training. The drills in this class are selected to specifically prepare your body for high performance delivery. The intensive use of the combative techniques will help you maintain physical and mental readiness to defend yourself by building up the strength of your arsenal (cardiovascular endurance) and your weapons (strength and power).

Training in the Combat Conditioning class focuses on the forceful delivery of combative techniques as well as muscular endurance and fitness. Overall elements of muscular fitness include:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • SAQ Training: Speed, Agility and Quickness
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance

 These elements are interrelated:

 Power is made up of strength and speed. The force behind your combatives are affected by the strength of your muscles and the speed of your attack. There will come a point where your body simply cannot move faster. In order to improve your power past this point, you will need to train your muscles to work correctly and efficiently. The speed with which electrical impulses in your body pass nerve synapses is fixed, thus reaching your maximum genetic speed.

Strength is the maximum force that can be exerted in a single effort. Strength training makes the muscles larger, allowing them to create more force when necessary. This training strengthens the ligaments and tendons, which can help to prevent injury.

SAQ Training includes Speed, Agility and Quickness training. The time it takes you to move in a particular direction is your Speed. Agility is fined as proper posture while you move quickly, stop suddenly, and keep your balance. Quickness is your reacting to an external cue, which requires the body to change position while producing proper force and functional movement.

Balance is how you ground yourself, so it is difficult for an opponent to move you. If an opponent does move you, well-trained balance will help you recover quickly and efficiently.

Flexibility is the extent you can safely and quickly bend your joints and recover from bent positions. Well-trained flexibility aids in all movements, including quickly getting up from the ground and maneuvering in response to attacks from behind and beside you.

Muscular endurance is the final critical tool in the Combat Conditioning arsenal. Endurance prevents fatigue. Fatigue is the deterioration of delivery and accuracy of techniques due to overuse of your muscles. If you tire before your opponent does, you place yourself at risk. The drills used in the Combat Conditioning class will build up your endurance, enhance your delivery and accuracy, and increase your speed and power. The continuous review and refining of the combative techniques you learn in the Krav Maga self-defense class, along with the endurance drills of the Combat Conditioning class, will help you to develop a strong mental attitude and physical strength.

 How is this Class Different from the Krav Maga Self-Defense Class?

The Krav Maga self-defense class is the core instruction of the Krav Maga system. In it, you will learn the proper technique for all Krav Maga combative and self-defense methods, using realistic, scenario-based drills. Krav Maga techniques also cover weapons defense and ground techniques. The primary goal of the Krav Maga self-defense class is to teach you what you need to know in order to defend yourself, survive an attack, and get away!

The Combat Conditioning class is designed to enhance your Krav Maga training. The primary goal of this class is to ensure the strongest delivery of combatives, to practice fighting, and increase your power, speed and endurance. This class does not focus on how to escape or disengage from a fight, but rather on maintaining your best fighting skills in the event of a longer fight. We want to put you in the best shape of your life and make sure you have fun doing it.