Civilian Response to an Active Shooter

Date To Be Announced

Active Shooter Preparedness at CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav MagaActive Shooter situations are some of the most frightening and dangerous situations to be in. They are defined by at least one attacker with a gun shooting in a public and populated area. They are such extreme situations that some of our basic instincts are not always the best responses. This seminar by CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga is designed to teach you the best practices for such an extreme situation. These practices include how to read your environment, how to tell what areas and furniture provide the best protection, and how to react to the fear that these situations instill.

The seminar also focuses on Homeland Security’s Run, Hide, Fight method, which deals with recognizing danger, getting out of danger and, when all else fails, how to deal with danger. The seminar is designed with the beginner in mind, so training is based on practice and quickly applicable methods.

The Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Seminar is available to all people aged 16 and up. Please be aware that this seminar involves loud noises and flashing lights in order to better simulate the extreme circumstances involved in an active shooter situation. If you are prone to epilepsy or other medical issues that may be exasperated by this environment, please take these aspects of the seminar into consideration.

What to Bring and Wear

  • Loose, comfortable clothing suitable for a workout
  • Water and Towel
  • Tennis Shoes

To learn more about the Civilian Response to an Active Shooter seminar, or any of the additional self-defense courses offered by CrossFire CrossTraining and Krav Maga, interested individuals are invited to give us a call at (951) 203-2321.

Date and Cost

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: 1261 N. Lakeview Ave. Ste F Anaheim, CA 92807

Cost: $100.00 $25.00 Special Online Offer



How to Sign Up

  • Visit our Class Times page.
  • Look in the calendar under the date of the seminar.
  • Select the green class at the seminar’s time. It will be labeled Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Seminar.
  • Log In if you are a member, or fill in the Sign Up Now form below and follow the steps to reserve your place.

Please bring water and a towel, and wear comfortable clothing.

Questions? Please call us at (951) 203-2321.